12 January to 14 February 2015

Art Exchange, University of Essex.















Outwith is a collaboration between Sally Underwood and Roxy Walsh, between sculpture and painting.

Dwellings and small architectures have been central to Underwood and Walsh’s work: sculptures sitting in a painted scape, with paintings housed inside. At Art Exchange, ‘shelter’ or location is provided by a putative tree. Its exposed roots are bracketed by small walls of engineering brick and kindling, and the thin blue light of winter is echoed in watercolour above.

Each work makes space to look at another. You are invited to look outwards as well as inwards, and a previously blocked out window has been opened up again so that the great trees of the parkland are visible from the gallery once again. You are invited to sit – in front of the brick stack– and watch the work, not needing to move too far or too fast. Panel paintings rich in colour and surface are hung in a cluster, and the walls are marked and held with repetitive strokes of watercolour: image and metaphor are held at bay.

Curated by Jessica Kenny

Photo credits Douglas Atfield

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