The Mac International Belfast,
MAC International 2014

30th October 2014 – 18 January 2015


120 - Front On Right


111 - All From Left


121 - Backside Black


115 - All From Above Right


MAC International 2014 is the MAC’s first ever open arts prize, which offers artists worldwide the opportunity to exhibit in the MAC.

The work is based around Simone Martini’s painting  Annunciation (1333).

It brings together Monachos (Sally Underwood) a porcelain sculpture (whose title is derived from Latin terms for monk or a monastic life) and wall drawings and panels from Roxy Walsh. The paintings are made with watercolour and loose pigment, and build gradually from small brushstrokes directly onto the gallery walls.  Monachos sits on a highly pigmented silicon mat laid up a low steel plinth.

Curated by Hugh Mulholland

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